Let the spiritual journey begin

Email received 10/11/16

First of all congratulations to Mckayla for getting her mission call to Argentina. She will learn to love the people and language so fast and can’t wait to see how amazing she will be. I am so excited for Kai to be coming to the MTC and he will be an amazing missionary too. I have seen Elder Guy, Elder Combs, Elder Kerby and Elder Golley here at the MTC, all of them are exemplary missionaries and such great examples for me. Elder Guy and his companion have only been here for four days and are already the zone leaders! Not the district leaders, but zone leaders!!!!

Any how, my week has been so flipping amazing and have never felt the spirit so much. I have been able to teach training investigators 5 times and me and Elder Ruesch have improved so much. I have been a little frustrated with the language but I am really starting to understand the scripture of Ether 12:27 of being humble. I am so proud that I have the opportunity to serve because it really is a privilege not an obligation. My branch president’s name is Presidente Glazer. He is so spiritual and so helpful. I had the most spiritual day this Sunday. We are so busy but the Lord has blessed me to fight fatigue and serve with all my might mind and strength.
Three steps to improve unity and harmony
  1. Do companionship/family inventory. Say three things that you admire or they do well, and then one thing that they can work on to improve.
  2. When you say prayers say how much you love them and how amazing they do and what they do well and what you admire.
  3. Say how much you love them and give them hugs.
We watched an amazing video from Elder Bednar and he challenged us to have the character of Christ and to look outwards in times of trials rather than looking inwards.
I love you guys soooooo much thanks for your support.
Elder Saunders

Dad Notation:

For those that might be interested in the message by Elder Bednar that Elder Saunders referred too, I am including the links below, it is titled, The Character of Christ:

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