Week 2-The Power of Prayer

Week two in the MTC, so much amazing things happened this week. Last night I also had the opportunity to here from Via Sakehema for our SundayDevotional and talked about the importance of our influence! Me and my companion freaked out when we saw that picture so many things are lining up now that I am serving. I have had the opportunity to see Kai Barlow every day since he has entered the MTC, what an amazing Elder he is and will be.

My  companion Elder Ruesch and I have just been called as zone leaders and we love the opportunity to serve for our loving and awesome zone! In our investigator lessons we already have two commitments and dates for baptisms so yeah we have to potential converts.The church is true and I have been able to help many people in my zone with their progression here in the MTC since we have been called as zone leaders.
We went to the temple on Monday and I thought I left my wallet so I checked my suit coat everywhere and couldn’t find it. the following day my wallet still hadn’t shown up so my companion and I got on our knees and prayed to find it. After that prayer Elder Ruesch suggested we go to the front office, but feeling a small impression and being the senior companion, I said we should return to the residence and check real quick and so we did. To my surprise the first place I looked, I found my wallet chillin in my suit pocket, right where I checked the day before. How is awesome is that!!! Never doubt the power of God or prayer, he is amazing!!!
I was also able to hear directly from Elder Bednar for our Tuesday Devotional and it was absolutely amazing. He talked about general conference and the importance of it and it was great. He taught us also to Plead for his joy on a daily basis. Elder Bednar said “Stuff in mortality won’t be fair but in eternity all will be made right.” Last quote is that personal study in your mission is not for you, it is for your investigator” I testify of the truth and testify that Elder Bednar is one of God’s sharpest tools he has. I love this gospel!!!
I testify that the church is true and can’t wait for Him to use me to teach others in Boise.
Thanks for the prayers, love and support.
Elder Saunders

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