Love the MTC, can’t wait to get to Boise

This week has been super busy and I am just loving the MTC!

I will be leaving at 8:50 on Wednesday morning and will be able to call you guys right after I have arrived to BOISE . I am so excited to meet my mission president and can’t wait to further grow my knowledge. I have really been prompted to read the BOOK OF MORMON every night. Specifically the spirit prompted me to read 6 pages a night to really begin to reinforce my testimony and further grow the knowledge. The spirit has taught me so many things here in the MTC including to not drink the chocolate milk here.

I am absolutely pumped to go serve the people of BOISE and can’t wait to be able to do some more service.

Elder Mejia was so grateful for the birthday presents and loves you guys sooooooo much especially Mama Saunders. You guys have been such a great blessings to my entire zone with all the care packages, they are all feeling the love. I am so glad the boys are doing well and can’t wait to see their progression in their lives. It is also awesome that Gabby got her mission call she will be such an amazing blessing to those people in Russia.

Also this will sound really weird but can you send a picture of a young Scott Saunders I literally found his twin and he is going to the same mission and I want to show him.

Spiritual quote:
“Let the Lord use you, and don’t question it!” Elder Bednar

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

Parents Note: Hunter has always had the gift to provide insights to stories and experiences that bring out great learnings. His Branch President shared the story of Nephi and the broken bow. Hunter took notes then summarized it, click here to read his insights.

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