Arrival in Boise, 1st Area

Quick update email when he arrived in first area:

Hey I will email you on Monday just wanted to say that I got here safely and I am currently in Raft River area if you want to look it up I live on a ranch it is in the middle of nowhere look up the area on but yeah I also need two usbs 8 or 16 gb so I can get music for our car. Thanks so much love you.

First official field email:

I actually am in a bilingual mission area right now so we are the only missionaries  so we cover both the English and Spanish. I will be serving in Raft River Ward for the next twelve weeks, not Cassia Branch. Elder Jones is from Queen Creek, AZ which is outside of Gilbert. He has been out for a year now but I am his first greenie. He is here for the right reasons and strives to first make me better then he focuses on himself, which is a good thing and a bad thing. I love him and he is such a great example to me,  I can’t wait to spend these next 12 weeks with him. I did get all my packages that you have sent so far so we are good on that. I absolutely love President and Sister Bartlett, they are both so awesome and

I absolutely love President and Sister Bartlett, they are both so awesome and can’t wait to work with them more. I am adjusting really well to being in the field it is way fun and can’t wait to see the success that Elder Jones and I are going to have here in Raft River. I can’t wait for Kaia and all the success she will have in San Diego, she will be one of the best missionaries ever as will Brian Hair.

This week we settled into our Ranch and really love living there minus the thousands of bugs, literally. We had dinner with the ward mission leader on Friday night and then with their kids the next day. It was great! Elder Jones and I had the opportunity to meet with Bishop Garner yesterday after church and he put us in charge of the Harvest Dinner which is like a dinner that celebrates the great success of the harvest season. I dug up potatoes, carrots and onions already since all 120 houses in our ward have something to do with agriculture minus one house. It is pretty crazy how rural this place is. It is so rural that we actually are allowed 2400 miles a month instead of the normal 400😅Now that is rural. Yeah seriously nothing but land so super fun. If you look up my address we live in the building that has a green roof and is surrounded by a ranch. We have a pet deer named Daisy and a pet coyote named oscar.

I am super pumped to meet more of our investigators. We were able to teach two lessons to a guy named Felipe and another to a family. All of our investigators right now are Spanish speaking so that is why they needed bilingual elders. I cannot wait to see the people here accept the gospel. I will keep praying for yall and hope everything is going good there as well.

I will send pictures next week of all the cool things out here but yeah cannot wait to see what success we will have out here.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

My trainer Elder Jones and me


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