Week 6-Loving the work

What a week, as usual.

We have been putting in some promising work the last week and I am so excited for the success we are bound to have. On Monday we found some new investigators named Pedro y Maribelle and they have never been in contact with missionaries. They had no idea where we came from or anything so we taught about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. They have an awesome family and I am hoping that God prepares them to receive our message.

On Tuesday we went on splits and Elder Jones went and taught a spiritual message with Luis y Maricruz while I went to a less active named Pedro y Mayra. Mayra is active but Pedro is not and they have a son who just turned eight so yeah he will hopefully be getting baptized soon.

Wednesday we had the opportunity to host the Harvest Dinner and it was lit. We had four of our investigator families come and we had enough food:). The roast that we and our Bishop cooked was SSSSSOOOOOOO good.

Thursday we taught Alberto and Jenny but Jenny was only there. We had Brother Hurst so we ended up teaching her. She was really concerned about how if she got baptized and her family didn’t she couldn’t have an eternal family. I testified that baptism is a manifestation of our faith and then promised her that if she were to get baptized her husband and kids would follow her example. The next day we taught Noe who was really receptive. We taught him our purpose as missionaries and how he can have an eternal family too.

Saturday we taught our investigators Yeni y Fernando.  They are really cool but they don’t even have a sofa so we are going to ask bishop if we can find a sofa for them and surprise them. We also met Yeni y Fernando’s son Fernando Jr. and he is soooooo cool. He wants to be a lawyer but right now he is doing generals. I suggested BYU law school and I am also going to get him the email of Hermano Flores who is one of the best lawyers in Utah.

Last night we went on splits again and I got four referrals from our 2nd counselor in the Bishopric, Brother Gerratt. What a great example of a member missionary.

 Yesterday in church Elder Jones and I gave talks about how to follow and support our prophets, it went great. Here are the key points I felt impressed to share:
  1. Develop the desire to follow and support prophets and apostles by praying for them by name and choosing to obey.
  2. Study the words of the prophets, ponder them and take a moment of silence to let the spirit teach you, and then act upon the impressions you get and the words you have studied
  3. Read the Book of Mormon, as you read of the prophets of old you will know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, which means he restored this gospel, which means all the teachings of this gospel are true, which includes prophets.
  4. Support your local authorities, your current leaders are called by your bishop who is called by a stake president, who is called by area seventy, who is called by general seventy, who is called by apostles, who is called by the prophet, who is called by God. Henceforth, your leaders are called by God, as you support and follow them, you are not only supporting the apostles and prophets, but also God.
  5. Lastly, the many blessings of peace, joy, hope, patience, long-suffering and love are promised to you as you follow the words of the prophets and apostles.

I testify that our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and our Apostles are called of God, along with all other leaders of the church. I know as we fulfill our callings to the best of our abilities we will be blessed. I testify that God has put these people in our path for us to invite and help them.

Keep the prayers coming, God hears them, and I feel them.

Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

Here are some pictures from the past week.


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