Week 7-Teaching & Loving

This Sunday we went on splits with Brother Gerratt and his son and it was great. We ended up receiving 5 referrals and contacting one of those referrals. The one we contacted was Carmen and we taught a short lesson about the Plan of Salvation. 

On Monday we went to the City of Rocks and it was so beautiful. We then taught Luis and Maricruz more about the Plan of Salvation. Then, on Tuesday we taught Miguel and Carmen who are new investigators. We had District meeting and that was great. Following that we had lunch at Bake Central where they have something called the Pizza challenge which is if you eat a large pizza and pint of soda you get your meal payed for. Elder Jones and I didn’t do it we just got a large pizza and shared it. That night we went on splits with Brother Hurst and Brother Crane and I taught Jose and Mayra with Brother Hurst. That lesson was amazing, Jose offered to give the opening prayer and then Mayra gave the closing prayer. We taught about how the recognize the spirit as well as the Restoration and it was the best lesson I have ever had. I can’t wait to see what happens there.

Wednesday we got some referrals from Sister Montoya and which was great. We contacted one of them last night and now he is a new investigator. We gave Jose and Mayra blessings because their entire family were sick so yeah.

On Thursday we taught Noe Gardino and dropped him as an investigator because we asked if he would want to change and he said he is comfortable being catholic and likes his religion. On Friday we taught Alma and Isaac and Isaac was only there but we taught him more about the gospel of Jesus Christ but he doesn’t want to act, just listen so we might have to drop him as well. 
I went on my first exchange Saturday, it was great and I learned a lot. I went up to Rupert and we taught some people as well as passed out fliers for this Christmas initiative. Last night we taught Jesus Garcia, he is another new investigator. We taught some less active families then we taught Rueben who is now a new investigator. Overall another great week and can’t wait to see the progress our investigators are going to have.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers,

Con Amor, 

Elder Saunders

Picture of our Zone Meeting

Our pet deer Daisy

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