It’s Getting Cold

Well another week in the middle of no where.

On Monday we made apple cider and pressed them and all of the process and it was really cool. We taught Fransico Roman a less active about the importance of the sacrament. 

Tuesday we had a house inspection and got a celestial rating so that is pretty awesome. We then went on splits that night and I went with Brother Crane and Elder Jones went with Bro Hernandez. Me and Brother Crane taught two less active families and the lessons went really well. Elder Jones taught Luis and Maricruz and Yesenia and they had some really good lessons. 

On Wednesday we passed out some Christmas presents that we helped make and that was really fun. Then on Thursday we ended up having some really good Mexican food and it was great. They are less active and we taught them about how valuable the sacrament is and how much they are missing out on by not coming to church. 

Friday we taught Jose and Mayra and that went pretty good. We taught about the importance of prayer and recognizing the spirit and Mayra is progressing so yeah that is great.

Saturday we went out with Brother Hernandez but nobody opened the doors. Lastly on Sunday we had our best lesson with Felipe that we had so far and now are starting to understand his doubts and stuff which is great.

The weather has been really bad here too. It is super icy and snowy and windy and cold. Our hot water went out this week so we have been showering in 35 degree water so that is pretty fun too. It really wakes me up though! Anyhow because the rest of the people in the zone are all from warm places except me I am the go to designated driver and yeah it is sometimes scary but it will all be okay. I hope everything is going well back home, thanks you so much for all of your support.

Con Amor, 

Elder Saunders

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