The Lord is in charge 

We have really had a crazy week this week. We had an emergency permanent transfer and so Elder Kamrowski got transferred and now I have a new companion named Elder LeFevre, he is from Las Vegas and he is so awesome and is just the companion I need. He is the most disciplined Elder probably in the entire mission so we have been working out and eating healthy and he is so obedient and yeah we are about to do some amazing things here. 

Also we have a new schedule and a lot of new stuff has happened to the mission and so we now have a new schedule and you can read about the changes I am sure somewhere you can read all the new changes. We were teaching a lesson and our PARKED car got ran into and it is being towed today so yeah that is pretty bad but we are getting to know a lot of the members and are super excited for the work. 

We were able to teach a 14 year old kid named Gamma and he is a young preacher and wants to learn everything about the church and will be at church next week so yeah that is an awesome new investigator! We taught Jesus (Chewy) about Moroni 10:3-5 and he has read everything we have given them so that is a great sign. We had like 6 less actives come to church and 3 investigators and wow what a miracle. 

We also had the opportunity to teach Pedro about the importance of the Book of Mormon and we left him to read the Intro. and he said he would read it. We taught Luis and Marycruz on Tuesday about the importance of the Sabbath Day and the role of faith in keeping commitments. 

What a solid week even though we had some really bad things happen! The Lord blessed us in many ways and can’t wait to see what else is in store! Keep the support coming!
Elder Saunders

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