The rains came down and the floods…

We had about four feet of water in some parts of Malta and did quite a bit of sandbagging. We filled as a community about 10,000 sandbags so yeah it was crazzzzzyyyy!!!

We have been teaching but all that really happened was helping around with the flooding so there is much teaching to talk about. Gamaliel is the full name of the 14 year old boy we are teaching and he is continuing to progress and is doing great!

Other than that, just a lot of work that will hopefully progress the next coming weeks. I still live in the middle of nowhere so the boondoggles is a good word for it.haha Dusty Booth is his real name and it is so badly flooded that we can’t even go over there to teach them so that is a little frustrating but it will all be okay!

We got a brand new 2017 Ford Escape as our car so we are pretty pumped about that.

A quote that I came up with while in District meeting is: “The only consistent thing about life is inconsistency, change is a guarantee in life.” I testify that we are here on this earth to gain a body of flesh and bones and to gain experience and better ourselves each day.

Thank you so much for all of the support!

Elder Saunders

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