Blessings of Baptism

We had an awesome baptism. Elder Duran and I served as witness and gave a lesson of the restoration as one of the talks for the baptism! It was great! We have had so much progression here and man it is all from a step up on the obedience that I have made. The language is definitely coming in fact at every door approach the investigators ask me from what part of Mexico I am from and then I tell them I am a gringo and so they then ask what part of Mexico my parents are from and I say they are gringos too and they think I am lying…HAHA. It is a huge compliment but I still have a lot to learn in the language. That is so cool and I am so happy for Elder Everett and know he will be an awesome missionary!

This week we met a family from Aguascalientes. The daughter Cecilia just signed up for Seminary and is really liking it. The dad has listened to General Conference and has read the Book of Mormon before so he knows a lot. They are an awesome family and we taught about our purpose as missionaries and also invited them to read the BoM and to come to church.

The next family is Alvaro and Laura. They have kept all of the commitments except for coming to church so we are going to do a church tour. They really believe that Jesus came to the Americas so that is great as well. Luis and his son Joshua finally came to church so that was awesome!!!

Our friend Gamma is really progressing and has a lot of questions which is great. We finally taught Crystal and Dusty Booth and man they are awesome. Dusty’s Grandpa will be baptizing him on June 10 and they are determined!

The Lord has helped us to soften some of the less actives’ hearts and so know we have to less active families that are going to the temple prep classes which is amazing! We also taught Roy Gomez and we know through the spirit of discernment that his wife is going to be the one that holds him back from being baptized. Please pray that Danya will soften her heart to the Gospel.

We taught some youth named Veronica and Gustavo and we pulled out the articles of Faith and then Veronica said, oh I have those memorized, we did it for mutual one night. We were like “WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT!!!!” So yeah they also take seminary and are really interested so we are really excited for that. Awesome week overall! Thanks so much for the prayers and support.

Yo se que estoy haciendo es la obra del Senor. Se que si yo trabajo con todo mi esfuerzo y hago todo y mi poder para ser obediente, el senor me bendira. Testifico del poder y forteleza de nuestro Redentor Jesucristo. Se que mediante el, podamos hacer todas las cosas.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

Here are some pictures from our baptism as well as of our awesome zone:

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