The Spirit is our guide

Wow what a great week this week!

Monday we taught Roy and man he wants to be baptized and be sealed in the temple so bad but Danya is not the same way. We really need to be able to teach her and have her parents soften their hearts towards the gospel.

On Tuesday we had Preparation Day and man we had so much fun playing volleyball! We are practicing for a mission wide volleyball tournament and it is going to be lit!

Wednesday, we were strongly impressed to stop at this random house on the road and to our surprise their son had just been diagnosed with MS that day and he is only 25 years old. The spirit was so strong as we shared Ether 12:27 that God can make weak things become strong through his grace and mercy, we just need to be humble enough and try our hardest. I testify that the spirit lead us to that house that day, And they are less actives and ended up coming to church and then later we found out that the husband isn’t LDS but he is so kind so we will have a new investigator!

On Thursday we taught Gamma at the seminary building with Bro. Dixon and Gamma wanted us to answer the question: How did God become God? We prayed and pondered and then came upon a couple scriptures such as John 14(i think) which says that if you know me you know my father (Jesus talking) so with that inspiration we answered that we don’t know how God became God, but because if we know Jesus we know God, we explained how Jesus became the Savior and a God, and that can be found in Philippians 2. We thought he might be disappointed but the spirit was present and thus he answered, “That is right, that is true”! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I testify of the Holy Ghost and how important it is.

We taught a family who has some Word of Wisdom problems and their son Michael, just got out of jail last week. Their names are Kurt and Terry Smith and Michael. We taught them on Sunday night and we found out that Terry finally has gotten Sundays off and she knew that was a sign to start going to church again. We taught Michael that their is no sin outside of the reach of our Savior and read from Alma 7:11-13 and man he was crying and I was tearing up too. Well they ended up coming to church yesterday drenched in the smell of cigarettes, and I have never smelt something more beautiful. They met with Bishop and are making a lot of changes in their lives.

Sunday I learned about trials and such. As we pray for God to take away trials, or relieve them, we are basically asking us to stop loving us. Rather instead of asking “why” or “please take this trial away” we should ask “what will you have us do” or “give us strength to endure this trial so we can be stronger”. That really touched my heart and really emphasized the importance of God and how much love he has for each of us. Thanks for todo el apoyo!

Con Amor,

 Elder Saunders

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