Another awesome week

Another awesome week this week! On Monday we played Volleyball for Preparation Day and then in the night we taught Gamma about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a priest in the 1st ward named Jared Gardner. 

We got a new investigator, Gamma’s brother named Isaiah and yeah he is pretty cool and we will be going by to visit him tonight. On Tuesday we taught a great lesson to Luis and Marycruz about basically the social pressures and the reason why the Juarez family got baptized and that they really didn’t care what their family thought because they knew that it was true. 

On Wednesday we met a 17 year old boy named Austin Montoya and he is related to a great member named Alberto Montoya in Raft River. Any who we taught them about the happiness that the gospel brings but his mom talked most of the time but Austin asks a lot of questions and we can feel that he is definitely interested. 

With Alberto Montoya on Thursday, we went to Jorlen’s and taught/ reviewed the Plan of Salvation and she has been reading. We scheduled a church tour for Tuesday at 7:00 so we are pretty excited about that! 

On Friday we had an amazing dinner at Gibb and Becky Smith’s house. It was smoked Rib-eyes with baked beans and mashed potatoes!!! It was so good and then afterwards we had home made chocolate fudge with brownies and ice cream and it was sooooooo gooooooodddd!!! 

On Saturday night we were able to visit Jesus (Chewy) and taught a little bit about baptism and invited him to read the PoS pamphlet. On Sunday we went to ward council at 7:45 for Malta 2nd and then we went to church in Raft River. At Raft River we had Jose y Mayra and their kid Manuel stay for all three hours! ANNNDDDD we also finally had Luis and Marycruz along with their entire family: Joshua, Richard, Darwin, and Emma! They stayed all three hours and both families really liked it. The best thing was that more than half of the testimonies were in Spanish which showed them that there were a lot of Hispanics so it was an amazing day and great way to finish the week. 

Our obedience has gone up and so has our work and wow I can really see the blessings and fruits of being obedient. Thank you so much for all the prayers and support. 
Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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