Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel

This week was a pretty good week.

On Monday we continued practicing volleyball and this Wednesday we will have the tournament so that is pretty exciting. We taught Gamma 4 times this week and he promised that he would finish the Book of Mormon by the end of March so that is pretty cool. Then we will have General Conference so yeah that is pretty exciting!

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to teach Jose from Raft River and Delfino and we taught Delfino about the Book of Mormon and according to his wife he has been reading a lot so that is pretty exciting and he has been talking to her about what he is reading. We are going to do a church tour so that they feel more comfortable coming to church too. We didn’t have as many investigators come to church as last week but that is okay some weeks are better than others.

On Wednesday and taught Roy Gomez and he is really close to baptism so please pray that he will get baptized! WE will hopefully set a date this week so yeah that is pretty exciting. He told us that he doesn’t have to be baptized with his wife and that he will be baptized without her if he wants to be. We taught Dusty Booth on Wednesday and he seems to be remembering a lot more as we take it a little bit slower so that is good.

On Thursday we went to Jesus and Elia and they said that they really want to get sealed but they aren’t doing much to move closer to that so we don’t know. We ate there as well and I got food poisoning from that food and was sick Friday and Saturday but then I threw up for like a minute strait and all of it was gone.haha

Saturday (while I was sick) we moved Luis y Marycruz to a lot nicer house and yeah it is still in the ward so that is great. They didn’t come this Sunday because they were trying to clean the house that they moved out of so it was understandable. I had an opportunity to speak in Malta 2nd Sunday and we totally forgot about the time change so we went early to go do progress records on Sunday and we had gotten there right on time for the meeting to start. I had no preparation because of being sick but the Lord helped me to deliver a great talk about missionary work.

Overall a pretty good week and am grateful for the things I am learning each day. I love the people and the language, and hope everything just keeps chugging along. I am putting my shoulder to the wheel. Thanks so much for all the support and prayers.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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