Another One in Acequiart

This week was great! We taught Yesenia again and she is doing great and came to church this week, but left early due to sickness. Her fellow shipper is Liz and she returned from a mission recently from Wisconsin and is such a homie! We taught her about the importance of the Book of Mormon and also about feeling the spirit and she really felt the spirit strongly. We have a baptismal date for Sept. 23 and we know she will be ready then. 

We stopped by the Gallegos and they are doing good. Here in Rupert we are in the middle of harvest so we are harvesting all of the crops and so a lot of people are working long hours so it has been somewhat difficult to find people home, which is the case with Brother Gallegos too.

We went by Artemeo’s house Tuesday and we taught him about the spirit world because he lost his first wife and so it was a really good lesson and we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know that it is true. 

The Book of Mormon has been a huge thing on my mind, along with the importance of the temple. On Friday we had a great District Meeting and talked about how to teach the Restoration in 3-5 minutes and man, there is so much power behind the message we bring!

We had a great day Sunday too! Pam and Kenyon came to church as usual, along with Yesenia coming to church. We have been really focusing on making sure that the members are involved in the missionary work and have been asking them to pray for us by name that we may be able to find new people and to be obedient so we can bring the spirit and they can catch the spirit of conversion. 

The three main parts of conversion are:

  1. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in his teachings
  2. Desire to change
  3. The action

I know that each of us need to do the same thing that we ask these non members to do. We must grow our testimony, because just like a plant, if it isn’t growing, it is dying. I testify of that. I also testify that the Lord is preparing people around YOU right now to receive the gospel. DON’T BE AFRAID, share the gospel with them, be and example, and live worthily of the spirit and I know the Lord will guide us. Thanks so much for so much love, support, trust, confidence, and prayers.

Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

Addition from Elder Saunders about what a District Leader does:

Aa district leader, I am in charge of conducting baptismal interviews, and I have already done 4 👍🏼. I am in charge of conducting district meetings every week, I plan the district meetings too, I do call ins to check up every week how the missionaries are doing as well what they need help with. I report the numbers for my district each week to the zone leaders and plan exchanges so I can see on how the missionaries are doing. I absolutely love being district leader because I love serving.

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