Great birthday week

This was a good week. We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and Elder Posadas and I were able to find 2 new investigators: Gladys and Jose. Jose I met about six months ago but he said he wasn’t interested, but I had the impression to go stop by again, and now all of the sudden he is super receptive, and truly wants to change his life for the better. We taught him in 10 mins about the Restoration and invited him to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. Gladys we just saw in the middle of a park and we stopped by and she has been having some really tough times with he family and such and so we taught her about how the gospel can improve our living and can bring us piece in this life and eternal life in the life to come, but only through careful study of the Book of Mormon. We had a hiccup with Yesenia, and she mentioned she was feeling like we should come by again, but it was just a mood swing and so she is still shooting for September 23rd and is back on board. 

Harvest just started so it has been really hard to find people home, but we know with the Lord’s help that we can find those people home who currently are prepared for the gospel. We have had a great time though in general serving here, and are expecting to get a couple new investigators each week to ensure that we are continually searching for those who are ready to change their lives and progress in the gospel. We had a great district meeting this Friday and talked about goal setting a little bit, along with pg 116 of PMG, Faith in Jesus Christ. I had the training and I talked about how faith is a principle of power, and that God works by power. I also talked about how the opposite of faith is fear and doubt, so the way we can build our faith in other words, is by building our love and charity, because love and charity overcome fear. The best way to gain love, is to plead with our Heavenly Father, and to consecrate ourselves enough so that we can see people how God sees them.

I testify that there is a huge reason why Faith is the first principle of the gospel. Through true faithfulness, it brings action such as repentance and baptism. I know that to be true, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thanks for all the prayers, love and support. Keep them coming!

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

PS. I loved the birthday video from family and friends. Also, my parents came through with ensuring I got a birthday box on my birthday, talk about rockstars.

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