So two weeks ago in Acequia 2nd, a 93 year old man had been lost for 38 hours and so the Acequia 2nd ward cancelled their church and formed a command center at the church and formed a search party. The guy was last sighted in Gooding which is like an hour and a half away from Acequia, and they ended up finding him in Howell UTAH!!! This guy is delusional and he was super lost, but now he is good.

Then this last Sunday, a car caught on fire in the middle of sacrament so they were pulling out people from sacrament so that they could move the cars so no other cars were in danger. Like literally Acequia 2nd was littttt!!! Stay tuned to see what is to come next week in the Acequia 2nd ward!!!

This last week we contacted like 19 less actives in the wards we covered, and a lot of them have moved, but we met a guy named Eligio and he is a member and is a really good guy and we encouraged him to come to church and to pray and read the scriptures. We have been trying to contact all of our investigators but they are all busy with harvest. They are currently harvesting beets and starting up on potatoes so that is pretty exciting. That is pretty much all for this week but I love you all, and thanks for all of the prayers and support.

Con Amor,
Elder Saunders
Here are some pictures from training & leadership meetings:

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