Change is in the air

Possibly my last week in Acequia Idaho, and maybe in the Rupert Zone, I guess we will see… The weather also did a 180 and I have been sick because of it, which kind of stinks, but now I am okay! I can’t wait to see what the fall looks like here as well!

It was a slow week this week due to being sick a couple of the days, however, I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Plumb, from Gilbert, AZ, and he is a great missionary! We were able to meet a lot of people and teach quite a bit.

This week I have had a great time studying the firm young minds of the stripling warriors found in Alma 57, and it has been a great Book of Mormon reading! I have really enjoyed this area and can’t wait to see what is to come! I don’t have much more time but I just want to testify of the importance of visiting the temple and family history work. I know that we chose our families before we came, and that we have so much knowledge because we know of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. I testify that there is nothing we need to be ashamed of regarding the prophet Joseph Smith. I love you all so much!

Con Amor,
Elder Saunders
1) My awesome district
2) Idaho potato

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