E.T. Found Mountain Hoommmmmeee

👽This week was a tiring but great one. I am starting to get settled and I am really liking it here. There are a lot of people to talk to, just not many that are progressing. We taught the Garcia family last night about the Plan of Salvation and they are eternigators, but it seems that we have grown their trust, and they are praying everyday and trying to read the Book of Mormon. We were able to teach Brother Durbin yesterday and he is an amazing guy, he just is unsure, but he looked so happy and you could feel his spirit was so much better. 

We taught a less active family named the Caspers as well and gave the wife a blessing, and they are almost guarenteed to come to church this week, at least that is how Elder Arganaraz and I felt. We have been inviting a bunch of people to the Meridian Temple Open House, which goes from October 22nd to November 11th. We taught another less active named Bro. Morgan using 1 Nephi 3:7. The best part about this guy is that even though he isn’t active, he still has been working with his neighbors and trying to get us in to teach them. 

During the days we have been trying to contact prospective elders and it hasn’t been working too great, but that is okay!! So every Tuesday we teach a Book of Mormon class and it is really fun, this last week we talked about the conversion story of King Lamoni, and it was really good. We are going to teach that later today so we are excited! On Thursday I was able to meet our WML named Quey Johns, and that man is an absolute legend! This guy just says whatever he wants and it caught me off guard at first, but man is he funny!

We had a great Sunday yesterday and learned about the importance of developing our talents, paying tithing and other offerings, and making sure that our will is in line with the Lord’s will. I love the Lord so much, and even though I have been EXTREMELY tired the last week, the Lord helped me to not die. 

Elder Arganaraz and I have started a 30 day Book of Mormon reading, and it has been great! The topic of this Book of Mormon reading is the Plan of Salvation, so I am trying to connect scriptures to all the parts of lesson 2, and it is absolutely amazing. Well that is pretty much it for this week, but thanks so much for the love and prayers! Have a spectacular week!
Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

Mi compa

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