Service Called, We Answered

So sorry that this email is so short and so late, but we were blessed to have the opportunity to serve yet another way. My companion and I answered the call to help a guy who had to be out of his house by the morning. It was what I call an emergency service project. I love how the Lord provides ways for us to share the gospel with people no matter what the circumstances might be. This is the reason for the shorter email this week, but its all good.
We have really been working hard, and I have never been more obedient in my life, like we even do 45 minute dinners!!! It is great and I promise next week that email will be better! Thanks for so much love and support!
Con Amor,
Elder Saunders
From Elder Saunders dad.
I asked what type of advice he would give to those who are preparing to serve a mission and he shared the following with me.
“I think one of the best things to prepare is for the young men and young woman to understand and study the principle of agency. That is something that I wish I would have known, because it would have made my first couple months a lot easier. You can do all you can as missionaries, but they still have the choice, and some, have been prepared, and others have not, that is what we do as missionaries, we look for those who are prepared, and on the way we plant countless seeds through service, teaching, and our example of a discipleship of Jesus Christ.”
I am continually humbled by the maturity and growth I see from this incredible son of ours. He loves the Lord, he loves the people in his mission and he loves serving others. So proud and honored to be his dad.
Here are some pictures from the Idaho Boise Mission Facebook Page.

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