Estamos encontrando (We are finding)

This week was absolutely amazing! 

On Wednesday we ended up just looking at the Potentials list and we found this random address that just said we gave them a BoM so we went and contacted and this lady answered the door and was way anti and said that we were a cult. She softened up as we got to know her more outside on the doorstep and we taught her about how much her Heavenly Father loves her and she was crying the entire time and it was super powerful. We taught her and her grandchildren on Friday and made them 3 New Investigators, and they were really receptive. 

On Sunday this lady and one of her grandchildren came to church and it was great! We also found a Part member family named the Crosses. We taught this less active mom who doesn’t have a husband and she feels so lost, but we explained that we are here to be guides for her spiritually and she has really softened up to the gospel as well. We have found many more people but and hope to set a baptismal date this week with the Anti lady and I guess we will see what else is to come.

2 weeks ago we went to Quey’s Corn maze and it was lit. Here are some of the pics of there. Also we had zone Confrence so here are some of those pics as well. And a pic of a blanket we found while cleaning today! Well that is all for this week but thanks so much for the love and prayers, and I hope you all have a great week.
Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

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