The Haunted Mountainhome, ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Halloween!👻
We had a wonderful week this week! We also were able to extend three baptismal dates this week with the investigators we found two weeks ago, but we still need the approval from the mom for the two kids but yeah we still extended baptismal dates for Nov. 18th, haha.
We didn’t do anything for Preparation Day last week, and won’t do anything today because all of our district is helping out in Meridian. We met a lady named Tabitha and Mike accidentally, and they are going to the Meridian Open House on Nov. 1 with a member, and we just asked them if they want to learn more, and they said “You know what, we were talking about it, and we do want to talk more” How awesome is that! We have a return appointment for tomorrow and cannot wait!
We taught Sister Cross, a Less Active PMF on Tuesday, and she had a lot of questions. We explained that God could answer some of these questions, but we have to start with the basics. She ended up coming to the Trunk or Treat too so that was great! On Thursday we taught a LA in Grand View named Brother McCall and he gave each of us a bag of candy, so that is chill.
I had exchanges on Friday with Elder Durst, and we went to the Boise East area, it was great! In about 20 minutes we had passed out 10 cards to the Meridian Temple Open House, their area has so many people! I learned a lot on exchanges including how to improve district meetings and how to help those in the district more effectively. We had a great district meeting this week and talked about how to use the Families and Temples pamphlet to answer hard questions about the temple and our stand on the family. It was a great week overall though, and can’t wait to see how this next week goes as well! Thank you for all of the support and love! Have a wonderful week!
Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

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