NEWvember-New month and new investigators

We had a wonderful week this week, and were able to find 4 New Invesitgators who are absolutely solid!!! The Sanchez Family has taken lessons before and have a lot of kids, and are super cool! They are really honest and open, and we strongly feel that they will progress. We also taught Mike and Tabitha, who are a young couple who are waaayyyy cool! We found out that Tabitha was a JW and Mike is Catholic, but they are really open and are reading the Book of Mormon daily, and are just so flippin’ awesome! We were able to officialy set the baptismal date with Esperanziah, and unfortunately, Jayvon moved to Boise. However, Billie and Esperanziah came to church and still want to be baptized, in fact, we are going to the temple open house with them today!!!

We able to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and repentance to Sister Cross, and she has a very strong desire to change and to be fully committed to her Heavenly Father, wayyyyy too cool! We have been taking Abram Martin out who is leaving on his mission this week, and he is so great, and will undoubtibly be an amazing missionary!

Our monthly recitation for this month is D & C Section 4, so that will be gnarly, but I have it down so it is easy! We have officially made a plan with the Hemplemanns to help them to get to the temple, which includes fasting, daily scripture study and prayer, and coming to church every week. Sister Hemplemann came this week to church, however Brother did not, but that’s okay, the Lord will help him! We also got another less active family to make steps to get to the temple, and had dinner with them, and it was amazing! They came to all threee hours and are determined now. Other than that, we visited a lot of people on the lists of potential investigators, and a couple of them have A LOT of potential. I have been in Mosiah reading the BoM and it has been wonderful too. I love you guys so much and hope that you all have a spectacular week as well! I testify that families are the center of God’s Plan, and that there is no other means that we can become like him lest it be through the family! In the name of him who holds a family together for eternity, even Jesus Christ. Amen.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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