Meridian Temple Open House

This last week has been absolutely wonderful! We were able to start it off right by taking Billie and Esperanziah to the Meridian Open House on Monday, and directly after the tour, they said: “So what commandments do we have to live in order to be baptized?” How freakin’ awesome is that!!! We taught them the WoW, Law of Chastity, Tithing and Fast Offerings, in they have absolutely no problems with any of it!!!! How wonderful! Wednesday we taught Sister Cross about the mentioning of the Book of Mormon in the Bible which is found in Ezekiel 37:15-17 and then compared and explained it using 1 Nephi 5: 14-16! We then replaced the name of Enos in Enos 1 to Sister Cross, and the spirit was so powerful! We got transfer calls that night finding out that Elder Arganaraz will be going to Windell and I would be staying and training. I got Elder Millares this Thursday and was able to see Elder Mejia! On Saturday we found 4 New Potentials for the YSA Sisters, and one for us, and are super excited about that. We had Sister and Brother Hemplemann come to church, Sister Cross, Billie and Esperanziah, Benji and Jimmy all come to church this week and it was amazing!!! Billie and Esperanziah will be baptized November 25th and they are way excited!!!

The other pic is of a boy named Abram who is headed out to his mission this week to the Philippines and he is super excited!!! He is super cool and is going to be a wonderful missionary! Lastly, I learned that the Lord only hears the prayers of the righteous as stated in Mosiah 3:4. However, righteous doesn’t mean without mistakes, it just means that you are trying to build and interconnection with God, you are willing to change and repenting of your sins, and helping others( as we learn in the talk from Sister Sharon Eubank entitled Turn On Your Light) As long as we have the desire to make a difference, a change, the Lord will hear our prayers. I testify that that is true, and I have changed a lot becuase I have prayed for such to happen in my life. I am so grateful I have the fullness of the gospel, and am doing the best I can to share it with others. I love this work! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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