Blessings of baptism

This last Saturday Billie and Esperanciah were baptized, and Billie is already sharing the gospel with her daughter and her daughter in law who both came to church and to the baptism!

We had a wonderful week in general too!

On Friday we were able to teach Sister Cross how to do Family History work and she has definitely caught the spirit of Elijah! We had a wonderful baptismal service for Billie and Esperanciah, and Elder Millares soloed while I played the piano for a musical number, Nearer My God to Thee! We also have been doing a lot of service helping out with a church thing called Creche, which was all of the nativities that are set up and music is performed, and yeah you can see all the other pictures of it on my blog! That was really great and we have really been able to talk to a lot of people, especially to share Light the World!

I love this Gospel so much, and am so grateful for the members here. I pray that each of you have a wonderful week, and enjoy this christmas time by serving! Love you all!

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

1. Last preparation day at a spot where the road was washed out so we stood on rocks and took pics.

2. My companion Millares and I.

3. Billie and Esperanciah’s Baptism!

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