Getting the full missionary experience

I am finally a real missionary! We have been tracking and walking all around town in Buhl, and it has been A LOT of walking, so I can finally say I am a real missionary, haha. Well this week we have been contacting everyone on our Potential Investigators list and have found some awesome people! We found a spanish lady named Rosa who seems interested and she is baptist herself, and so we will go over there on Thursday. We found an awesome guy name Edguardo as well and he wants us to come over so we can talk more about the Book of Mormon which is litttt!!! We taught a lady named Misty Flats on her doorstep and talked about how much this gospel strengthens families, and then we also taught about the Book of Mormon and committed her to read the introduction of the BoM.

We didn’t teach many people this last week unfortunately because we have just been trying to contact everyone, and all our appointments have fallen through, but we have it figured out! We tracted and apartment complex in Buhl and it is the HONEYHOLE! Literally the first 4 doors we knocked on we gave BoMs to and set return appointments, it was miraculous! The first one we met was a girl named Dara, and she has a bf who is a member and used to take the lessons and is interested in starting them up again! The next was Maraceli and her daughter and they are spanish and accepted a BoM and want us over this next Wednesday! The next person was Trevor who is a super big homie and has met with the missionaries in the past, and thinks he is ready to give it another go!! We then found Linda who was on call with a person in Mexico and so she was busy, but she said we could come back! We are super excited because this area is about ready to blow up, and can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store this next week!

As a mission, on January 5th we started the Book of Mormon reading challenge, and it has been absolutely wonderful! I am reading the Book of Mormon this time around and marking every scripture that has to do with the six points of The Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in Preach My Gospel. It has been super fun, and I just love the Book of Mormon! I hope you all have a great day, and don’t forget to pray! Anywho that is all for this week, I testify that as we read the BoM with a question in mind the Lord, through his spirit, will provide an answer! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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