The work of the Lord

This past week has been a good one! On Tuesday I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Randall in the Twin Falls area and we just tracted the heck out of that place. I have also never done so much walking in my life, so I am really feeling like a real missionary now!

We were able to teach a guy named Mike on exchanges and it was really good because he has had some hard trials in his life, but yet has never felt closer to God. He was super receptive and we were actually also able to give him a blessing and he was super grateful for that as well! We grinded on Wednesday and also we were able to have some wonderful interviews with President! He know how to motivate so well and I came out feeling better than ever!

On Thursday we had one of the best weekly planning sessions I have ever had, and then we were able to go on splits that night. I went with a priest in the ward and we had a wonderful time. We taught some preacher and he was trying to bash so we testified that there was indeed still a need for prophets, and then we bounced. While I was with the priest, Bro. Smith was with Elder Quiner and they were able to teach the new member lessons to the Soles family and they want to go to the temple. Also Luis and Jasmin are getting married and then Jasmin will be baptized and then the Soles family and them will all go to the temple to do baptisms, so that is lit!!! That night Elder Quiner was also able to go through the baptismal interview questions with Mariano and he has a couple things to work on, but nothing we can’t do without the Lord’s help!

Friday morning we had our district meeting from 10-11:30 and then we went to a less actives family’s house to go and watch the funeral of President Monson. I loved the words which were shared and I felt the spirit so strongly. After that, we then we got our ward lists and just started going out and visiting all the less actives, and it went pretty well. Our focus recently has been Less Actives because of the abundance of such in the Buhl area, and so we pray for the Lord’s help that we can find those who are ready to come back. With that, we were able to find a couple people who are willing to have us over, so we are excited for that! We also are going to start English classes here soon so that will hopefully help us to find new people!

The Book of Mormon reading challenge has been going great as well and I am somewhere in 2 Nephi 20, so it is all good in the neighborhood! Also really excited to see what the new First Presidency will do to continue the progression of the church! I know that President Nelson, his counselors and the other twelve apostles are called of God, along with all those who are leaders in the church. I testify that Jesus Christ still runs his church through these men. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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