I Love The Temple

My new companion’s name is Elder Royal, and he is soo freaking amazing, I just love the kid. This week we grinded as usual, and we were able to find a lot of different people to teach. We found a family of three that are a branch off of the LDS church and they believe in everything except the fact that Brigham Young was a prophet, and so that is the biggest difference, but it was really interesting and we definitely felt of the spirit, so we have an appointment for them on Thursday! The other person was a lady who came outside and told us that the people we were knocking on were not home, and so we took full advantage and began to teach of our purpose and the restoration and to our surprise, she has gone to our church a couple times before, so we are way excited for that!

Another person we found was a LA PMF who has a 12 year old who needs to be baptized, and so yeah we just need to get the dad’s permission and then we can help to get him baptized! All the spanish work is doing good and we have some appointments set up for tonight and on Friday as well, and we are super pumped about that! We were also able to go on exchanges and I was able to stay in Buhl with Elder Murray and we helped a non member spanish guy paint his finishes in his house because the renters were coming that night, so that was really good because we met a lot of people who were also helping!

Today at the temple I learned many things and felt the spirit whisper many truths throughout the entire session, nothing that I had ever experienced before, mostly because I came to the temple with a good question in mind. I wanted to know what to “retain hope through faith” meant as mentioned in Alma 25: 16. The spirit has helped me to understand that hope, which in other words is known as firmness and steadfastness (see Ether 12:4),  can only be retained, or kept, by faith. As we know, the other word for faith is works, because faith without works is dead, or nothing, which means it is everything.(see James 2) Now applying this knowledge, it has given me an entire different outlook on the statement in Alma 32,that  “if ye have faith  ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true”. And now if you replace the word “hope for” for the words “are steadfast in”, you can see that if ye have faith ye are steadfast in things which are not seen which are true. That is what the spirit has taught me, and I feel of its truthfulness.

I learned a lot of other things and glorify the Lord for letting me drink of those living waters today and his house! Thank you for everything, and I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Love y’all

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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