The 3 Elder Musketeers

So last week was transfers and Elder Royal and I made a trio with a brand new missionary here in Buhl, so that is pretty lit! His name is Elder Livingston, and he is from Ventura County, CA. He is 22 and so flipping mature, and for that reason, he knows exactly why he is here and he is such a hard worker! We both love him to death and are so excited to see how much success he is going to have on his mission!

Monday we had a good preparation day and just basically played basketball the entire time, so that was pretty fun! On Tuesday, we were able to set another baptismal date for a new investigator we found a couple weeks back. She studied the scriptures, specifically 2 Nephi 31, and then prayed and the Lord told her, that although she had already been baptized into another Christian church, that the Lord needs her to be baptized again into this church. How awesome is that! On Thursday we picked up Elder Livingston, and spent the rest of the day getting his Facebook cleaned up so he could do online proselyting, so that was very interesting, and then on Friday we weekly planned and then finished cleaning Elder Livingston’s Facebook. We also taught our English class on Thursday night and that went really well as well!
On Saturday and Sunday, we grinded and we were able to do a lot of teaching and online proselyting, and last night we met an awesome Less Active that we think will come back, so that is really exciting as well! Other than that, that is pretty much all that happened this last week!
Now one of the things I learned in personal study this last week is the thought that came to me about the parable of two sons who are asked to work in the Vineyard.(see Matthew 21:28-31) As we know, one of them said no, but then later repented and did as his father asked. The other son, when asked to work, responded with enthusiasm and said yes, but did not do the work he had previously agreed to do. We know that the first son did the will of the father. Then I connected that to the idea of the Rich Young Ruler.(see Mark 10:17-22) He was keeping the commandments and being obedient, but then Jesus Christ asked him to give all things he had and follow Him. This request, is known as the Law of Consecration! It took quite a bit of courage to say no, because he was not willing to make that step to live the Law of Consecration, but I have my hopes and beliefs that one day, that Rich Young Ruler, realized what he had done, repented, and lived that commandment that Christ gave him previously. Now I have asked myself, and ask you, what son are you? Do you promise to live something and then don’t do it?or do you say no and then realize the wrong you have done and repent? We cannot say we are going to live by these commandments, and then turn away, not willing to keep those things we have promised to do, but rather, we must repent and change, and be honest with ourselves. If any of you are struggling and/or are hesitant to say yes to living one of the commandments, that takes some courage, because you are being honest with yourself.
I would ask those who are reading this to search diligently the scriptures to find the blessings promised in association to that commandment. I promise you will have the blessing of the spirit with you as you do that, and if we say yes to the father, and also do it, our Father in Heaven smiles and gives us an immense amount of peace, love and joy. I know this to be true, and stand as a witness of the healing power of the Atonement, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Con Amor,
Elder Saunders
Here is Elder Saunders, Elder Royal and their new companion Elder Livingston
Hunter, Elder Royal and new compa

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