Why is this so hard?

We had a good week, and we have continued to see the blessings of daily contact! We have been doing daily contact for two sets of couples with baptismal dates, and we have been trying to help in every way and help them to feel the spirit, and they have dropped us because that spirit is telling them to repent and they are just not ready to change. Sure it is devastating, but at the same time, instead of wasting trying to figure out if they are ready to change, we have given them a chance to feel the spirit, and then the spirit tells them they must repent or stay the same, which really is what we should be doing, and I am grateful that they have been honest with us and told us they are not ready for this change, because they don’t have that strong desire to endure and to live the gospel for the rest of their life yet!

Other than that, everything else is going great! We had a lot of less actives at church, like 6 just from one visit to each of them. I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Peterson this last week, and I am so happy for how the area and they are doing. They are so obedient and just doing a great job! Elder Livingston, Royal, and I are all getting along really well too! Well that is all for this week, but I just wanted to share a short message with you all that I have been pondering this last week.

Echoing the words of many modern prophets and apostles, the answer is that Hard is indeed a constant in this mortal existence, but why? Here is what I found in this past General Conference that might help to answer such a critical and thought provoking question, one of which, is truly a question of the human soul.

‘Why does the Lord allow us to flounder and fail in our attempts to succeed?

First, the Lord knows that “these things shall give [us] experience, and shall be for [our] good.”

Second, to allow us to “taste the bitter, that [we]may know to prize the good.”

Third, to prove that “the battle is the Lord’s,” and it is only by His grace that we can accomplish His work and become like Him.

Fourth, to help us develop and hone scores of Christlike attributes that cannot be refined except through opposition and “in the furnace of affliction.”’

Those attributes of Christ that can only be learned through opposition are key for us to identify, so that we can keep our mind on those things that are of eternal importance, and learn from our failures and challenges instead of fearing such. I testify that is extremely important to continually understand the significance of the Atoning Sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ so that we can change our behavior and our nature. As Elder Lynn G Robbins said:

“If to err is human nature, how many failure will it take us until our nature is no longer human, but divine? Thousands? More likely, a million.”

Ultimately, it does not matter how many times we fail, just how many times we get back up. Let us continue to grow and use the divine plan and gift of repentance how it should be used in our lives, which includes the sacred ordinance each week of partaking the Sacrament. I pray you will do so, and testify of these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

If you want to see the full talk that I have been talking about recently, you can find it here:


Well I hope that y’all have an absolutely fantastic week, and remember to continue, or start if you haven’t yet, to read and study diligently the talks that we have enjoyed this General Conference. Love you all.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

PS Remember, “if you’re not changing, you’re staying the same”(Lynn G. Robbins)

Pics of Elder Saunders

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