Aguas porque el fuego se viene!(Watch out becuz the fire is comin’)

This week was a great week as usual, especially since Elder Brian K. Taylor of the Quorum of the Seventy came to our mission tour! He is such a loving guy, and truly is a servant of God. He introduced us to the IBM List, the “I Believe in Miracles” list which is going to help us find a lot of new people to teach, and so we are extremely excited about that! Another great thing was the baptism of one of our investigators! It was such a great baptism and the spirit was sooooo strong and her non member parents came and were crying and everything, and yeah, it was such a tender moment!

In our mission tour we talked about the importance of helping, and asking our investigators what else we can do to help, and not stopping after one or two things, but as many as we can ask. I learned a lot from my Book of Mormon reading in personal study this last week as well! As I was reading in Alma 18, verse 9 stood out to me, because Ammon just served and defended the flocks of King Lamoni, and instead of going in and expecting a reward or something, he continued to serve, until the king noticed enough difference to come and ask him. As missionaries and members together, we must remember that we CAN soften the hearts of many through service, but that we should never make people feel obliged to doing a deed for us. Another thing that I learned is the fact that King Lamoni was the introduction to the church to his family and his father, just like many of these converts we have in the world. Those pioneers, forerunners, will benefit their ancestors for eternity as they stay faithful to those things they have been taught.

I am so grateful for my forerunners, my parents, and all those who have set the way, to be an example and to help me. I know that this is indeed God’s work, and he is gathering Israel at this time, in preparation for his reign once again upon the earth. I testify that the time is nigh, and we must be aware of the signs of His coming and change our nature to become a divine nature. As we pray and truly desire this, and then take the necessary actions to follow such desires, we will be blessed, and will start the small steps to restoring our nature to that of a SON or DAUGHTER of GOD. It is my prayer this week you will just pray for that desire to help someone come unto Christ, and then act upon it! I testify of these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Have an amazing week and remember how much our Heavenly Father loves YOU.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

Also attatched is some pictures of me, mission tour pic, list of finding activities from Elder Taylor, and baptism pics! Oh and a picture of the awesome, reunited trio from Buhl.

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