Referencias Galore!

This last week has gone by quick, and it has been another good week. We were able to contact a couple referrals, but we still have like 30 referrals so that has been a struggle. We also were able to send about 16 referrals to other missionaries. We have really been building the member’s trust here and we know that there are so many good things coming.

Everything is going great with the companion and we are being super obedient, so that is wonderful as well. We have been riding like 10 miles a day on bikes to conserve miles and so here are some pics of that.

In Sunday School yesterday we studied in 1 Samuel 18-19 and the spirit taught me many things. This is the time right after David killed Goliath and so David is getting a lot of fame, and Saul gets really jealous and attempts to kill him a lot, but fails. This highlights a big danger that many people run into in today’s soceity, that is, we compare ourselves way too much to others. The only comparison we should ever make is between what we are now and our old self. I promise as you do so, you will see the progress you have made, and that will motivate you to continue changing and being a better person. I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

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