NEWvember-New month and new investigators

We had a wonderful week this week, and were able to find 4 New Invesitgators who are absolutely solid!!! The Sanchez Family has taken lessons before and have a lot of kids, and are super cool! They are really honest and open, and we strongly feel that they will progress. We also taught Mike and … Continue reading NEWvember-New month and new investigators

The Haunted Mountainhome, ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Halloween! We had a wonderful week this week! We also were able to extend three baptismal dates this week with the investigators we found two weeks ago, but we still need the approval from the mom for the two kids but yeah we still extended baptismal dates forĀ Nov. 18th, haha. We didn't do anything … Continue reading The Haunted Mountainhome, ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Estamos encontrando (We are finding)

This week was absolutely amazing!  On Wednesday we ended up just looking at the Potentials list and we found this random address that just said we gave them a BoM so we went and contacted and this lady answered the door and was way anti and said that we were a cult. She softened up … Continue reading Estamos encontrando (We are finding)