Blessings Galore!!!

This week has been great! We are seeing many blessings from being obedient and striving to let the spirit guide our efforts.

On Monday we went bowling and went to DI (Deseret Industries) and got some stuff. I had exchanges with Elder Yarber in Emerson and it was great! We did a lot of service, Elder Yarber is a great missionary.

On Wednesday we did service for Bonnie West and we talked about her spirituality level. She said she is tired of giving up the gospel for her husband so now she is going to start receiving again, in other words, she wants to start coming back. We met with a Less Active named Brent Nicholas and this guy is awesome and super strong, in fact, he tore a license plate into 11 pieces and yeah he is awesome. He is really softening up to the gospel so that is great! Wednesday night we taught the Jimenez family about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and man they believed every thing and were so happy to hear how they can improve their life through the Atonement.

On Thursday we went out with Brother Kobayashi and taught Sister Flint, a less active, about the Atonement using Alma 7:11-13 and man she has a great goal to go to the temple but she just needs her husband to want to do the same.

On Friday we shared a spiritual message with Clint Robbins and man he is super awesome and really has a desire to change! We visited with the Rodriguez Family as they are getting ready to go to the temple and are going to start their temple classes here really soon and they are so strong in the church. We have not been able to contact the Gallego Family because his mom is in town but we will get in contact this week.

We found 3 New Investigators this week. The first one is William and he has really had a spiritual awakening and is ready to hear the gospel. The next one is Sister Jimenez and that is the one we taught on Wednesday, and then you have Brother Casarez who Elder Castellano and Elder Wade taught while I was on exchanges.

Any who, that is pretty much it for this last week. I absolutely love you guys and thank you for all of the support and prayers! I know that this church is true and am so grateful to have the gospel in my life. Have a great week!

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

Amber received the following message on Facebook this past week, we feel so blessed from Elder Saunders service.


Loving Rupert

This week has been a awesome week and I have really enjoyed it! We had some service opportunities with picking weeds and painting houses and that is great to gain the trust of members through selfless service.

We found a new investigator named Epi and man he is a great guy! He doesn’t go to any church but he has a strong belief in Jesus Christ and God and the Bible and he said multiple times that he doesn’t see how the Catholic church lines up with the Bible so that is great! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he was interested and would read it but yeah I guess we will see how much the spirit works on him and if he keeps any of the commitments that we left him with.

We also were able to meet Annette Hirsch, who is the wife of one of our New Investigators we found a couple weeks ago and they are some of the best bowlers ever. Their son is going to nationals in July and his average score in Bowling as an 11 year old is freaking 194!!! Like whatttttt. The highest game he has ever bowled was a 291! I was astonished and yeah they are super nice and we hope that we can find a time to meet with them and teach them more about the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for us.

We also taught a family that went missing for like 6 months named the Jimenez Family and the kids are baptized but the parents are not. The great thing is that the mom wants to be baptized but the bad thing is she can’t until she gets married to the guy that she is living with soooo we need the Lords help to get her baptized along with her boyfriend. Well the Gallegos have been super busy because their Mormon Family got married and so they went to Utah to go support them but we are meeting with them on Wednesday so that will be great!

We had the Idaho Falls Temple Rededication this Sunday and man it was great to experience that. President Eyring spoke and also gave the Redidicatory prayer and something really cool in the prayer was that he specifically blessed the young people listening with a vision of their eternal potential and purpose. It was so powerful to hear that and we live in a time of miracles, angels, and visions, with a prophet who leads the church today. How grateful I am for that and the knowledge of a young boy of 14 who had a question and asked in faith nothing wavering. I know this is the ONLY true church on the earth, that the Book of Mormon is where we can look for guidance, answers, and peace in this life and salvation in the life to come. In the name of our Advocate, Savior,  Jesus Christ. AMEN

Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

Branding cows and other stuff in Acequia

This last week was great and we had lot’s of fun branding cows as a service project and also having the opportunity to go to the temple. The temple was amazing and we had a super full session and man that was great, I really felt the spirit and know that the temple is the house of God. 

We went out to this really good food place called Stevos with the Neubars and they are an amazing couple. 

We were able to teach the Gallegos about the Word of Wisdom and they were willing to live the Word of Wisdom and man I am super excited we think that we are going to extend a baptismal date to the Gallegos this week. 

We are really trying to make the Lord’s will our will and to see his timing instead of ours. I have so much love for the Lord and am so grateful for the Holy Ghost. We have really been trying to contact as many people as possible in Rupert and we are hoping to get a lot of new investigators this week. Also the boundaries for the Rupert Stake and the Declo Stake changed last night and there are some HUGE changes. Raft River is now part of our stake and part of Declo so man it is crazy! We are pumped and can’t wait to see what is to come of this. 

Keep praying that we will be able to find some new investigators this week and that we can set a baptismal date for the Gallegos. 

Thanks for all of the support and love.

Con Amor,Elder Saunders

Learning the area, loving the people

This week was a pretty good week. We taught the Gallegos and man we could feel the spirit so strongly after we taught about the Law of Chastity and then also talked about being sealed. After teaching that we invited them to be baptized because we both felt the prompting, they didn’t accept but we know that they will it just needs to be on the Lords time. I testify of that.

We have been doing a lot of research and extracting names from the old Progress Records and we have like 30 names or so right now that we need to go contact so it is hopefully going to be a good week with a lot of new investigators. I have really had a good time so far with Elder Castellano and he is a great missionary and example for me. We have been doing a lot of service this week and man it feels so good to do service I just love all of the people here. I have been getting to know the area a little bit better but Rupert is pretty confusing for me so I am just trying to study up on the maps and to get myself acquainted with the area.

I just wanted to take some time out to congratulate Ben Lewis for getting his mission call. He is going to have a blast there especially if he serves in Virginia Beach! I also am super pumped for Becca Olsen getting here call to Washington and all the rest of the kids in Senior class that have gotten their calls. A mission is such a blessing in so many ways.
I really love serving and teaching. I hope everybody has had a good week and thank you for all of the prayers and support.

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

Que semana

I had another killer week this week. Roy has been doing everything right to prepare for baptism. Gama is still progressing and is in like 2 Nephi 20ish. Luis has been reading quite a bit and now is in Jacob 4 so that is really cool! Roy, Luis y Marycruz, Jose and his kid Manuel, and Miguel, a new investigator, all came to church yesterday. 

We have had a lot of less actives come to church and man there are so many good people here! 

We taught a couple lessons and also had the great opportunity to do a lot of service on Tuesday. From 12-3 we made maple donut bars and they are sooooooo good. from 3-5 we helped build a drama set for the play that is coming up soon and that was really fun, and then from like 5:30-9:00 we were picking up the sand bags that are all around the neighborhood and that was super fun! It was really muddy and it started to hail and I didn’t have a jacket because it was like 65 degrees and then the hail came out of nowhere so I have a couple bruises still but it truly was soooo fun. 

I testify through selfless service we can be happier. I testify that as we strive to be more like Him we will be immensely blessed for it. I am greatful for all the support I get from your prayers and thank you for all the love. 

Con Amor,
Elder Saunders

Prayer Works

Wow I have really had another great week! On Tuesday we committed Roy Gomez to baptism and he will be baptized April 8th, so pretty soon👍🏼. We just went over the qualifications and I was pretty blunt and just said who cares about somebody if you are trying to follow Jesus and you know the Gospel is true and he said that that is exactly what he needed to hear and so he will be baptized April 8th! 

I lost my CTR ring for a couple days and it was brand new and I was really sad and so I knelt down and prayed and then felt the impression to read my scriptures and I did and then when I got up to go help Elder LeFevre with something I felt a hard thing hit me in the back, and I saw my ring land on the bed!!! I immediately knelt down and gave a prayer of thanks for the Lord comforting me by me finding my ring. Funny enough yesterday’s subject was on prayer and so I had an opportunity to share that experience and it felt so awesome to do so 🙏👍🏼.

We met with an awesome kid named Austin Montoya and taught him about prophets and prayer and then used his interests (being an EMT) to show that in a way as missionaries we are saving people lives as well. We talked about the comfort that comes from having the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and he wanted to learn a lot more about it and is super interested which is awesome! Roy Gomez and his little brother Danny came to church, along with Luis and Marycruz in Raft River. Luis is really progressing and we hope that here soon we will be able to extend a baptismal date but I don’t know for sure right now. 

We had a Zone Conference this Wednesday and basically in the middle of Zone Conference President stood up and said “I feel impressed that we should go to Shashona Falls to admire one of the great creations from the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ”, so we rounded up and went there and took a bunch of pictures and it was absolutely beautiful!!! I forgot my camera at home so I will bring it next week so I can send all the gorgeous pictures I took. At zone Conference we talked about the new Easter Initiative that is coming out and this message will truly bring peace to those that stand in need of comfort. 

I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that God is there and hears even the simplest prayers, as long as they are sincere. I testify that it requires action to have your prayers answered. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support!

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

How crazy, we were at one of their members house, Cheryl Webb Darrington and they realized the connection to my Aunt Pam Darrington. This picture popped up on Facebook. Oh the blessings of missionary service.

Another awesome week

Another awesome week this week! On Monday we played Volleyball for Preparation Day and then in the night we taught Gamma about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a priest in the 1st ward named Jared Gardner. 

We got a new investigator, Gamma’s brother named Isaiah and yeah he is pretty cool and we will be going by to visit him tonight. On Tuesday we taught a great lesson to Luis and Marycruz about basically the social pressures and the reason why the Juarez family got baptized and that they really didn’t care what their family thought because they knew that it was true. 

On Wednesday we met a 17 year old boy named Austin Montoya and he is related to a great member named Alberto Montoya in Raft River. Any who we taught them about the happiness that the gospel brings but his mom talked most of the time but Austin asks a lot of questions and we can feel that he is definitely interested. 

With Alberto Montoya on Thursday, we went to Jorlen’s and taught/ reviewed the Plan of Salvation and she has been reading. We scheduled a church tour for Tuesday at 7:00 so we are pretty excited about that! 

On Friday we had an amazing dinner at Gibb and Becky Smith’s house. It was smoked Rib-eyes with baked beans and mashed potatoes!!! It was so good and then afterwards we had home made chocolate fudge with brownies and ice cream and it was sooooooo gooooooodddd!!! 

On Saturday night we were able to visit Jesus (Chewy) and taught a little bit about baptism and invited him to read the PoS pamphlet. On Sunday we went to ward council at 7:45 for Malta 2nd and then we went to church in Raft River. At Raft River we had Jose y Mayra and their kid Manuel stay for all three hours! ANNNDDDD we also finally had Luis and Marycruz along with their entire family: Joshua, Richard, Darwin, and Emma! They stayed all three hours and both families really liked it. The best thing was that more than half of the testimonies were in Spanish which showed them that there were a lot of Hispanics so it was an amazing day and great way to finish the week. 

Our obedience has gone up and so has our work and wow I can really see the blessings and fruits of being obedient. Thank you so much for all the prayers and support. 
Con Amor,

Elder Saunders