The Bow

The Bow

I wrote it for a sister who is serving in Africa who asked me to write it for her so it is a bit personalized for her

Here is the story:

Nephi was basically called on a mission. His mission was that he had to take his family to the New World they never had seen, on the boat they didn’t know how to build, over an ocean that was really big. To accomplish the mission, he had been given he and his family needed more faith!

They had faith, in their bow!  It was a great bow. It was made of metal and with that bow they knew they could get the food they needed to eat. Not only was it that the bow was the good but they had skill with that bow and their abilities with that bow that made them unstoppable.

One day Nephi broke that bow. Everyone was angry and frustrated because their other bows were useless. They believed in that bow so much that they thought that without that bow they would die. They believed that that bow fed their family.

His brothers were angry with him because they were now faced with the prospect of watching their children starve to death. He was even frustrated and his father and mother murmured.

It was in his frustration that Nephi remembered the Lord and I believed turned to the Lord in prayer. Then he went to his dad and said “dad you’re the prophet, you go ask the Lord where we should go to get food “.

What Nephi realized is that the God that had brought them there was the same God that brought the children of Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea on dry land. It was the same God who had made animals walk two by two onto an ark and he knew that this God could make animals walk into camp, lay down by the fire and put their necks out if he so desired.

He realized that they didn’t need “no stinking bow”. He realized that their faith in that bow and their faith in their skill with that bow was offensive to God. He realized that God had put every morsel of food into their mouths that they had ever eaten. It was Not about the bow. It was never about the bow. It was always about their faith in God and his ability to provide for them the things they needed to fulfill their mission.

God needed them to look to him for their strength, to look to him for their guidance and have faith in him and his abilities to provide. They needed to learn faith so they could be powerful, so God broke the bow.

They needed to learn to quit doing things the way they had always done them relying on the same processes they had always used and rely on God and his processes. With this humility they then could call upon the power of God to lift them above their adversity.

They needed to take up their faith and change their process so they could build this boat they didn’t know how to build and float it in the ocean that was really big to a land that they had never seen……so God broke the bow. Without the broken bow they don’t gain the faith to do the other things they were commanded to do.

When you have struggles, get on your knees and allow God to lift you over the obstacles. He will make your burden is light. His angels are around about you and if you will just pray you will feel his love in your heart. Let that love lift you and let his angels carry you and walk with you. This is true I know it and felt the Spirit just now writing it.

If you have a tough situation with your companion, if you have Investigators that are not responding, if you have cultural adjustment issues, your bows are snapping, that’s all!  God can lighten the load by helping you know the words to say and the things to do. He can use this to strengthen you so that you will be ready for later tests and assignments, either way he will be with you and is preparing you for great things.  You will look back at this as the time when you made your resolve strong and increased your ability in the Lord. He is in the process of making you more than you are.

He may even just resolve the situation for you 👍😎

Be on the wall!!!  You are Samuel. I trust you and will pray for you by name every day.

Be great.